About Us

Forex Trading Signal Shop is the brainchild of three former students at the South Florida University. All three college friends were then taking up Finance courses, while dabbling in forex trading on the side.

Forex trading began as a passion and a simple hobby for the college friends in 2008. However, it soon became a serious project after a series of successful trades planted a seed of desire to help other aspiring investors achieve the same trading success that they enjoyed. Thus, they decided to form a company in 2011 with the primary goal of being the ultimate guide and resource to forex trading.

To achieve a global appeal and to reach a wider audience, the official website, ForexTradingSignalShop.com, was developed in English. In no time, the site achieved the status of a go-to guide for everything related to forex trading.

The website is intended to benefit traders of all skill and experience level. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced trader – you will find the website helpful.

Forex Trading Signal Shop offers a comprehensive library of resources that any Forex trader would need. Different sections on the site are devoted to tutorials, how to guides, and various other training materials.